Vital Voice and Speech provides quality speech therapy and services
via telepractice that are client centered, personalized and convenient.

Services Offered

Voice therapy for the following:

Hoarse or breathy voice

Vocal fatigue or discomfort

Low voice volume – certified LSVT eLOUD provider

Pitch difficulties

A voice disorder may involve a voice quality, pitch or volume that varies from the norm. The person’s abnormal voice may not meet their daily needs for voice use. Voice therapy is the process of rehabilitating your voice to regain functional voice production.

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Don’t wait until you have an injury to learn how to
take care of your voice and exercise your vocal instrument.

Voice and Communication Services:

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Accent Modification

Transgender Voice & Communication

Voice Training for Professional Voice Users & Singers

Accent Modification Training is a training method to develop your pronunciation, voice and intonation for clear communication in American English. It can be applied to foreign or regional accents. Transgender Voice and Communication Training is the process of developing a healthful and authentic voice to help strengthen gender identity. Voice Training for professional voice users and singers involves developing a personalized program for vocal hygiene, managing vocal demand and preventing vocal injury.

Speech and language therapy for adults with:

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Cognitive communication impairments

Speech and language disorders in adults typically occur as a result of a neurological change. A neurological change can include a stroke, brain tumor, brain injury or a degenerative neurological disorder. Degenerative neurological disorders are brain diseases that get worse over time. This may include Parkinson’s Disease, MS, ALS and others. Speech and language therapy would begin with an assessment of communication skills and collaboration with the client and family to set goals. The treatment sessions provide interactions, exercises, stimulation and practicing appropriate strategy to improve language skills and/or speech intelligibility.

Therapy services available in both English and Spanish languages.

Se habla Español.


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