Speech teletherapy allows clients to have access to speech therapy from the comfort of their home via their computer or mobile device on a secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.  Telespeech has been researched and clinically proven to be as effective as face to face treatment.

Benefits of Speech Teletherapy

Schedule Intro Session

Schedule your free consultation with a therapist.  Try it out before you use our services.

You will have access to an experienced and highly qualified medical speech pathologist who specializes in providing therapy to adults and adolescents.

Additional Benefits of Working with Vital Voice and Speech

How Speech Teletherapy Works

1. Free Consultation

Your free consultation consists of an opportunity to try out using the secure video conferencing platform on your laptop or device. You may ask any questions about speech teletherapy or about our communication services. Your free consult will be with the same therapist that would complete your full assessment and follow up sessions.

2. Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment consists of intake questions or questionnaires to attain an appropriate case history. Clinical tools for assessment are then utilized to measure levels of performance. You are then given a verbal summary and areas to improve. We collaborate to set goals for improvement.


3. Start Therapy

Teletherapy sessions are scheduled and completed at the designated frequency recommended by your therapist. Sessions are personalized and tailored to each client to maximize your improvement and facilitate the outcome of treatment. Practice assignment are given between sessions to facilitate carryover of skills or strategies learned during treatment sessions. You are also given the opportunity to contact your therapist with any questions between sessions.


Please reach out to us with any questions you have and our therapist will get back to you. Thanks for taking the time to look us up and we hope to serve you soon.