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To use technology to allow people to work on their commnication skills from anywhere.

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Video teletherapy allows you to attend sessions remotely.  Sessions are online using a secure, web-based platform that can be accessed from any web enabled device. Sessions are one-to-one and private. Meeting online offers a convenient and flexible way to improve your voice and communication skills. It eliminates travel time, traffic issues, parking hassles and allows you to focus on your therapy.

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A comprehensive assessment consists of intake via questions to attain an appropriate case history. Clinical tools for assessment are the utilized to measure your current abilities and the areas you want to improve. We collaborate to set functional goals.

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Monica Vital

Speech Therapy and Stroke Recovery

Stroke is a disease in the arteries of the brain that can result is a variety of impairments in the body or in a person’s communication and swallowing skills. The American Stroke Association has found stroke to be a leading cause of disability in the United States. Every person may experience different difficulties and your Speech Language Pathologist is helpful in pinpointing what areas need to be improved in order to rehabilitate functional communication skills.

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Monica Vital

Prepare for Online Speech Therapy

Getting ready for your first online speech therapy session is exciting! We’ve created this post to help you sort through some things you should do to prepare.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first session.

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Monica Vital

How Speech Therapy Helps Adults

When most people hear the term speech therapy, the thought of therapy for children is what may come to mind. However, there are millions of adults who may have their communication skills impacted by a speech, language or voice problem. The cause of communication disorders in adults may vary. It is important to seek out a speech language pathologist (SLP) that specializes in working with the adult population to maximize progress and improvement.

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