Aphasia is a language disorder caused by damage to person’s brain.  Aphasia may cause difficulty in speaking, understanding reading and or writing.  It impacts a person’s ability to express their needs or ideas.

Characteristics of aphasia:

  • Trouble with expressing wants and needs
  • Using only single words
  • Having a hard time making sentences
  • Using nonsense words that appear made up
  • Word finding problems
  • Difficulty understanding or requiring extra time to understand
  • Answering yes/no questions inconsistently
  • Difficulty reading letters, numbers, single words or sentences
  • Difficulty writing letters, numbers, single words or sentences

Our focus is on client centered care and the Life Participation Approach to aphasia therapy in order to target the communication areas that are important to each client individually.  We work together with clients and their families to develop goal areas that would improve their quality of life.

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