Why A Telepractice?

Hello and welcome to Vital Voice and Speech! I’m Monica Vital a speech language pathologist (SLP). I have started this blog as a way to communicate and provide useful information about speech therapy, teletherapy and communication services.

Telepractice or teletherapy is a way to provide speech therapy to clients virtually. It can also be refered to as telehealth, telemedicine, remote speech therapy or online speech therapy. Video teletherapy allows you to attend sessions remotely. Sessions are online using a secure, web-based platform that can be accessed from any web enabled device.

I have been serving the adult voice and neurological population for over 15 years as a medical SLP. I have experience in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. My lengthiest career experience has been providing outpatient speech therapy specializing in voice therapy, speech and language, cognitive communication and swallowing therapy.

I have seen how difficult it is for patients to get to clinic on time, beat traffic and deal with parking on a busy hospital campus. It is stressful and time consuming to get to speech therapy sessions. Life has changed and become very fast paced. I feel that telepractice allows me to be more accessible to the person who has a voice disorder or seeks voice modification but has a busy work schedule. It is much easier to click a button and be able to connect with your therapist live to complete a session than to have to take more time out your day to deal with traffic and parking.

Telepractice has also been researched and it has clinical evidence quantifying that it is just as effective as traditional therapy in achieving the improvement you want in your voice and communication skills.

I also provide online services for accent modification to business professionals. Vital Voice and Speech was founded to provide a speech therapy telepractice that focuses on excellence, accessibility and convenience. We strive to help adults improve their voice production and communication skills. The time has come for change. The way services are provided to people needs to keep up with the modern world and be more accessible. Why should your speech therapy not move with the times? Technology offers a whole new way to make working on your voice and communication skills more attainable than ever.

I offer free consultations to briefly meet online and practice using the telepractice communication platform. Contact me today to schedule your free consultation!

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