Accent Modification

We all have an accent in the way we pronounce words or our pattern of intonation. Our accent is influenced by the region of the country we live in or if we are born in another country and learn English as a second language.

Accent modification is a training method in which foreign born speakers of English modify their pronunciation, voice and intonation for clear communication in American English. This training is completed through the instruction of a specialized accent trainer. Improvement in clarity of speech facilitates effective communication in business, professional and social aspects of communication.

Many professionals require clear speaking in order to ensure success. If your speech prevents effective communication, accent modification can help you with speaking to supervisors, clients and colleagues. It can also help you with presentations and telephone conversations in the workplace.

Benefits of accent modification include:

  • Increased value of the employee to the employer
  • Career growth and advancement
  • Confident image when speaking or delivering presentations in the workplace
  • Effective communication in getting your message across


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