Speech therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

SPEAK OUT!® is a 1:1speech therapy program tailored to people with Parkinson’s disease.  SPEAK OUT! helps persons with Parkinson’s grain and retain their speech and swallowing.

SPEAK OUT!® receive 1:1 speech sessions, engage in daily home practice, receive patient/family educationparticipate in online practice. Clients report improvement in their speaking, their ability to be heard, and their overall quality of life.

According to studies, up to 89% of people with Parkinson’s disease develop difficulty communicating and up to 95% develop difficulty swallowing. To postpone and prevent this decline, it is optimal to begin speech therapy as soon as possible.

The SPEAK OUT! therapy program was developed at Parkinson Voice Project in Richardson, TX.  You can visit their website her