Prepare for Online Speech Therapy

Getting ready for your first online speech therapy session is exciting! We’ve created this post to help you sort through some things you should do to prepare. If you need more information about online speech therapy please read our posts on teletherapy and its benefits.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first online speech therapy session.

Find a Quiet Spot

Try to find a place where you will be undisturbed during your online speech therapy session. If you anticipate interruptions let others know you’ll be seeing your therapist and will appreciate some quiet time. Often times giving others a heads up is enough to avoid any distractions during therapy.

Have Some Water With You

Have something to drink nearby like a bottle of water. The goal of this particular therapy is to get you to speak clearly and well. Using our voice for extended periods of time may sometimes dry out your voice box. Having something to sip on during online speech therapy will be a great respite for your vocal cords.

Try Out the Online Speech Therapy Platform

If you’re able to attend an introductory session prior to your appointment, you’ll feel more comfortable with your surroundings and any technical concerns you may have before your first session. Eliminating any concerns or unknowns beforehand ensures that you’re ready to focus on your recovery and make optimal use of time.

Make Sure You Have Power

If you’re using a mobile device to attend online speech therapy, then make sure you have enough battery power or are connected to a power source so that you’re able to complete the session. You may be familiar with how quickly your battery drains yet as a precaution have a way to plug into an outlet if need be if possible.

Check Your Video Camera

Testing our your camera before is a great way to know where to best place it, what kind of light you’ll need and how far away you should be. You may do so by brining up the any camera applications on your device or by trying out an introductory session.

Check the Volume on Your Machine

You want to be able to hear your therapist so make sure that you have the volume turned to a comfortable level for your speakers or headphones. Make adjustments as needed during therapy, the goal here is to make this a warm and welcoming environment. Audio should only be as loud as you’re comfortable with.

How Bright is Your Room

Check to see how the light in the room will impact how you look. Sometimes turning on a lamp or opening a window in the room you’re in provides better video to your therapist. Remember communication is a two way street so you need to make sure that you can see each other.

These are just some general guidelines on what you should do to prepare for your first online speech therapy session. If you have any more specific questions, please just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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