Why Vital Voice and Speech?

Speech teletherapy allows clients to have access to speech therapy from the comfort of their home via their computer or mobile device on a secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform. Telespeech has been researched and clinically proven to be equally as effective as face to face treatment.

There are many benefits to using speech teletherapy. One of the most significant benefits is that there is no travel time for clients. You do not have to deal with traffic or parking hassles. There are no more transportation issues for clients who are unable to drive. Clients may participate in therapy sessions in their home environment. Teletherapy also eliminates the crowded waiting room experience. Weather issues do not interfere with attending sessions. You can just click on a link or app and you securely connect with your therapist.

Teletherapy also allows access to patients who may live far away or in rural areas. For example, clients from different cities and/or states may have access to my services as a voice specialist. Virtual sessions allow for family members to participate even if they do not live nearby the client. Family participation and education is key in a client’s progress. Speech therapy via telepractice is currently covered by Medicare and many health insurance plans.

Working with me at Vital Voice and Speech provides additional benefits to clients. You will have access to an experienced and qualified medical speech pathologist who specializes in providing therapy to adults and adolescents from your laptop or device. We offer personalized service that is client centered and dedicated to a superb client experience. Flexible hours to see a therapist are available. We will get you scheduled and seen quickly! No one should need to be on a waiting list for services. You are important and you should not have to wait for availability or have your calls sent to a generic call center. Your calls and emails will be answered by your therapist directly. You will consistently be seen by the same therapist for best practice of quality care.

Flexible and secure online payment options are available. We also have our own IT staff available as part of our team. We are HIPPA compliant and very conscious of cybersecurity.

Contact us today for your free initial consultation to ensure you are comfortable with teletherapy.

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