How Do I Get Speech Therapy During COVID-19?

Venturing out from our homes to seek therapy is more difficult today due to COVID-19. Going to see a therapist in person at an outpatient center, hospital or office brings risk of exposure. As we try to best adhere to social distancing and measures placed on reducing the spread there are options to continue with your plan of care.

If you’re looking for speech therapy from the comfort and safety of your own home. Video teletherapy is the way to go. You’re able to receive excellent care from your computer or device. We remove the hassles of driving and waiting in crowded rooms by using the same connection you rely on to read this blog post. Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic hold you back from attending therapy. Online speech therapy allows you a safe and convenient way to continue improving your communication skills.

Vital Voice and Speech offers various services to address your speech and voice therapy needs in an online setting. Our services page has more information on the areas that we cover.

We’re happy to take any questions you may have. Please fill out our contact form below or schedule a free introductory session with a therapist today.

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