Caring For Your Voice

Infographic Take Care of Your Voice

How to take care of your voice

Voice hygiene is a simple way to care for your voice.  Following a voice hygiene program can make a big difference in preserving a pleasant sounding voice.  Here are a few suggestions on how to care of your voice:


Drink plenty of water; between 8-10 glasses per day.  If your profession requires prolonged voice use, try to sip on water throughout the day.

Keep Acid Reflux Under Control

You may experience symptoms of heartburn at some point after meals or at bedtime.  However, there is also silent reflux which can occur without your being conscious of it.  If you have a voice problem, reflux may also be a component.  The acid we produce to digest food is necessary however, certain foods and/or drinks cause us to produce a larger amount of acid which may reflux up to the level of your vocal cords.  The result may be an irritation of the vocal cords leading to voice hoarseness.

Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee can trigger reflux which may irritate your vocal cords.  Alcohol is a drying agent which also negatively impacts your vocal cords.

Avoid loud talking

Loud talking can actually hurt your vocal cords.  When we raise our voice volume habitually, we develop a habit which can lead to damage to our vocal cords.

Avoid Smoking, Vaping or Smoke Exposure.

Smoke is a known irritant and can impact your voice health and quality.

Mini Voice Breaks

Rest your voice in small increments throughout the day.  For example, if you talk and use your voice for one hour, rest for 10 minutes.  If your profession requires heavy voice use, try to economize your voice use and utilize texting or emailing when possible.

Exercise Regularly

A healthy body requires exercise and a healthy voice needs a healthy body.

Get Plenty of Rest

Our body needs sleep and rest to stay health.  If we do not rest, our voice quality can deteriorate.  Love your voice and get your rest!

Schedule Intro Session

Schedule your free consultation with a therapist.  Try it out before you use our services.

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